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Natural Healthy Hair

Cleanliness is the essence of beauty. So regular hair should be cleaned. The shampoo is usually required once a week. People who have to go out daily can shampoo two days a week.Rules for hair cleansingCleanliness is the essence of beauty. So we should regularly clean our hair. People, who have to get out every day, roam the bus or train, or who need to work in the Mill factory or in the Dust and sand, need shampoo two days a week. It can be done more often if needed; Medicaid shampoo should be used if needed. In addition to regular bathing. Have to comb the hair several times daily. Do not use too narrow teeth comb. It is good to have a little thick comb. There are many people who scrub tightly with dry hair-brushes. It causes the hair tip to burst. While soap or shampoo gently rub with fingertips. Remember, hair is part of the body. So it is important to take care carefully. If the hair is slightly wet, it will lessen the injury to the hair. Hair roughness can be due to all th…