Natural Healthy Hair

Cleanliness is the essence of beauty. So regular hair should be cleaned. The shampoo is usually required once a week. People who have to go out daily can shampoo two days a week.

Rules for hair cleansing

Cleanliness is the essence of beauty. So we should regularly clean our hair. People, who have to get out every day, roam the bus or train, or who need to work in the Mill factory or in the Dust and sand, need shampoo two days a week. It can be done more often if needed; Medicaid shampoo should be used if needed. In addition to regular bathing. Have to comb the hair several times daily. Do not use too narrow teeth comb. It is good to have a little thick comb. There are many people who scrub tightly with dry hair-brushes. It causes the hair tip to burst. While soap or shampoo gently rub with fingertips. Remember, hair is part of the body. So it is important to take care carefully. If the hair is slightly wet, it will lessen the injury to the hair.

Hair roughness can be due to all that

Odorless coconut oil can be used when the hair is rough. Nutritious foods should be eaten. This is why health needs to be monitored. If there are lice in the hair, it is necessary to see. If you have to be treated. It is better to use less of the cosmetics in the hair. The closer the cosmetics are to nature, the better. Cosmetics made of natural ingredients are much safer. People use natural cosmetics to reduce their allergy. Allergies are basically the problem of the synthetic era. Care should be taken to ensure that the hair is not rough or red. Avoiding sunshine is good. Use the hairdryer to be careful. It is not advisable to bathe in excess of chlorinated water. It is your duty to clean or protect your hair. Therefore, the key to making the hair beautiful, health-bright, attractive is also in one's own hands.

Dry or oily hair

Like the skin, the hair is often dry or oily, due to the effects of heredity. Environmental factors are responsible for this. The use of excess soap or shampoo can also make the hair rough at times. Again the opposite is also true. Many do not use soap or shampoo at all. But he uses a lot of oil in his head. The hair is extra oily. Excessive oil on the hair can cause special damage, itchiness can be high, dirt can accumulate. Is In the proverb, the oil should not be applied to the head. This is the real truth. Hair nutrition comes mainly from the inside of the body. However, those whose head or hair is dry or rough, they can oil. Better to give oil after the bath than before bath. It is better to use odorless pure coconut oil. Allergies can often occur when you use aromatic coconut oil. Never use oil on the head wet or sticky. The rule is to gently massage the skin on the head with a little coconut oil while the hair is slightly wet. It improves the blood circulation of the skin on the head. Never rub the oil on the skin of the head or on the base of the hair. Hair can befall if rubbed too loudly. To prevent injury to the base of the hair, you should keep an eye on the side. The same goes for shampoo use. To keep your hair healthy, we should follow Natural Healthy Hair Tips


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