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Natural Healthy Hair

Cleanliness is the essence of beauty. So regular hair should be cleaned. The shampoo is usually required once a week. People who have to go out daily can shampoo two days a week.Rules for hair cleansingCleanliness is the essence of beauty. So we should regularly clean our hair. People, who have to get out every day, roam the bus or train, or who need to work in the Mill factory or in the Dust and sand, need shampoo two days a week. It can be done more often if needed; Medicaid shampoo should be used if needed. In addition to regular bathing. Have to comb the hair several times daily. Do not use too narrow teeth comb. It is good to have a little thick comb. There are many people who scrub tightly with dry hair-brushes. It causes the hair tip to burst. While soap or shampoo gently rub with fingertips. Remember, hair is part of the body. So it is important to take care carefully. If the hair is slightly wet, it will lessen the injury to the hair. Hair roughness can be due to all th…

The reason for the hair fall

The reason for the hair fall Hair loss is a cause for concern for both men and women. We often do not understand what exactly is causing our hair to fall. Find out what causes hair fall.

Frequently use of oil Oil is used regularly to nourish the hair. That is why it is not necessary every day. To keep the hair healthy and shiny, it is necessary to apply oil at the base of the hair and the entire hair at least once a week. If there is excess oily hair then it is not necessary to oil so frequently.
Properly comb the hair Remember, the right way to comb the hair can reduce the hair to fall. So you can use a wood comb. A wooden comb is suitable for all types of hair. You can comb your hair well before going to the bath. And never comb your hair while wet.
Use of multiple products The more products you can use in hair care, the better. This is a misconception. Different chemicals are used in hair products. As a result, the use of additional products can cause hair loss. Again using…

The mystery of sparkling hair

Bright black hair is what everyone wants. And the analysis of the hair on the face of everyone. That is to take care of properly. That is, just as skincare is needed to get beautiful skin, it is necessary to take proper care if you want to get healthy, fair and shiny hair. The point is, the hair should be smooth, dense black and shiny beautiful. And this is why hair care should be taken daily. Whatever you need to do to get healthy hair Summer weather forecasts the rising heat intensity and sunshine. And the dust in the air, the low humidity, and ultra-violet rays of the sun - constantly causing hair loss. As a result, the hair becomes lifeless, dull and dim. As it is hot, to get a healthy head scalp, always dry the hair in the cold air of the fan When the root of the hair is sweating. In this case, the hair dryer should not be used at all. Without it, wet and sweating hair can not be tied.
PROPER HAIR CARE Women have many misconceptions about hair. Many people do not know th…