The reason for the hair fall

The reason for the hair fall

Hair loss is a cause for concern for both men and women. We often do not understand what exactly is causing our hair to fall. Find out what causes hair fall.

Frequently use of oil

Oil is used regularly to nourish the hair. That is why it is not necessary every day. To keep the hair healthy and shiny, it is necessary to apply oil at the base of the hair and the entire hair at least once a week. If there is excess oily hair then it is not necessary to oil so frequently.

Properly comb the hair

Remember, the right way to comb the hair can reduce the hair to fall. So you can use a wood comb. A wooden comb is suitable for all types of hair. You can comb your hair well before going to the bath. And never comb your hair while wet.

Use of multiple products

The more products you can use in hair care, the better. This is a misconception. Different chemicals are used in hair products. As a result, the use of additional products can cause hair loss. Again using and damaging multiple products at the same time. Therefore, only one brand product should be used at the same time.

Sleep with wet hair

It's not okay to keep your hair wet during the rainy season. Many of us fall asleep with wet hair full of laziness. As a result, the next morning the hair is curled and the hair is grown. Do not sleep without drying the hair. However, hairdryer, not a dryer, dry hair in natural air.

Use of additional instruments

Many people use a hairdryer, strainer, curler, etc every day in their hair. It can cause hair loss when using the right equipment of iron or hair curler. As a result, the tendency to fall hair is multiplied. So it's best not to use them unless you need them too much.

Make shampoo wrong

Use shampoo the right way can reduce the problem of hair fall. Scrub the skin of the head with the tip of the finger. Then wash it thoroughly with water.

Conditioner after shampoo

Be sure to do conditioning. Many people do not use conditioners every time due to lack of time. The hair becomes rough. Especially in the hot sun of summer, the natural moisture of the hair is lost. So daily shampoo as well as conditioning is important. However, the conditioner should be sunscreen with SPF. You can use home remedies once a week if desired. After shampoo, mix two tablespoons honey and one tablespoon coconut oil in the wet hair and apply it to the entire hair. Leave to wash for half an hour. The hair will be soft, smooth.

Other factors

1. Dirt accumulates at the base of the hair.
2. If you do not use shampoo in the hair one day, oil is a feeling.
3. When there is dandruff.
4. Hair becomes reddish and rough.
5. If it hurts at the base of the hair.


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